DOUD, SMITH & WAGNER LAW GROUP is the evolution of the law firm of Davidson, Breen and Doud. D,B&D was founded in 1968 by John Davidson and Jack Breen. In 1973, Richard Doud joined the firm. From its humble roots with a small office on State Street in Saginaw, D,B&D quickly expanded across the state to become the highest rated Workers Compensation Law Firm in Michigan.  In 1995, Michael Doud joined D,B&D and would soon become a partner.  After the retirement of the three original partners, Davidson, Breen & Doud evolved to become DOUD, SMITH & WAGNER LAW GROUP.  Partners Michael Doud, James Smith, & Richard Wagner are the firms namesake, Richard Doud, original D,B&D partner, remains of counsel with DOUD, SMITH & WAGNER LAW GROUP.   

At DOUD, SMITH & WAGNER, our attorneys have positioned themselves as trial lawyers who are not willing to accept inadequate settlements for our clients. While each case is different, our attorneys are not hesitant to go to court, even against prominent insurance companies and product manufacturers.  In fact, unlike other law firms, our attorneys are encouraged to take their cases to trial if need be. That's just one of the many reasons why DSW WINS!

FREE CONSULTATION, and you pay us nothing UNTIL WE WIN! Our winning record and reputation speak for itself.  That's why Doud, Smith & Wagner charges you nothing, not a penny, until WE, (we meaning YOU and Doud, Smith & Wagner) WIN. Since 1973, D,S&W and it's predecessor, D,B&D, has recovered close to $1 billion dollars for our clients like you. Now that's what we call winning!  


Medical bills, combined with missed time at work, can be devastating after you are injured on the job. Michigan workers’ compensation laws provide injured employees with coverage for their medical bills and lost wages. But while these laws may seem straightforward at first, employers and or their insurance companies have shown that they are willing to do whatever they can to minimize their expense. This can include minimizing your injury, claiming it isn’t work-related, suggesting you have received an unreasonable amount of treatment or demanding you return to work unreasonably soon after a serious injury.


When Michigan employers or their insurance companies refuse to stand behind employees hurt at work, the workers’ compensation attorneys at DOUD, SMITH & WAGNER are ready to immediately intervene on your behalf.  By law, you, as the employee, must be insured by your employer. If you are injured on the job, your employers' insurance company is legally obligated to cover your medical bills and lost wages. Before they have a chance to deny your claim, call the workers' compensation EXPERTS, the lawyers at DOUD, SMITH & WAGNER, with offices in Saginaw (Bay City / Midland), Flint, and Lansing. We will aggressively protect and defend your rights and you NEVER pay us a PENNY until you WIN.