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  • When Michigan employers or insurance companies refuse to stand with employees injured on the job, DOUD SMITH WAGNER with PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS FOR WORKERS' COMP AND SOCIAL SECURITY in FLINT, SAGINAW, LANSING, and all over MICHIGAN, is ready to immediately intervene on your behalf. By law, you must be insured. If you're hurt at work, your employers' insurance company is legally obligated to cover lost wages and medical bills. Before they deny your PERSONAL INJURY claim, call the workers' comp, social security disability, and personal injury experts at DOUD SMITH WAGNER. DSW WINS with personal injury, accident, injury, workers' comp, and social security disability with a lawyer near you in Saginaw, Flint, Lansing, and the entire state of Michigan. You are entitled to compensation, by law. As Michigan's #1 Personal Injury Lawyer for Workers' Comp and Social Security Disability, DOUD SMITH WAGNER WINS, and you pay us nothing until we do. A personal injury lawyer can also be a disability lawyer, accident lawyer, injury lawyer, workers' comp lawyer, malpractice lawyer, social security disability lawyer, or a work injury lawyer. DOUD SMITH WAGNER with PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS FOR WORKERS' COMP AND SOCIAL SECURITY in FLINT, SAGINAW, LANSING, and all over Michigan are experts in all of the above.CLICK HERE to call DOUD SMITH WAGNER for a free case review today.

DOUD SMITH WAGNER with PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS FOR WORKERS' COMP AND SOCIAL SECURITY in FLINT, SAGINAW, LANSING, and all over Michigan, know the tactics employers and insurance companies use to try and deny your claim. We will fight to prove you were hurt on the job and recover the compensation you deserve and need to recover from your injuries. For most workers in Lansing, Flint, Saginaw, and Michigan, most injuries, diseases, accidents, and deaths that occur in the workplace are covered by workers’ compensation. Based on the type and the severity of the injury, the employer’s healthcare provider may be required to pay for necessary medical testing, rehabilitation, drugs, payment for missed work time, compensation for permanent disability, and even death benefits. However, to receive benefits, a workplace injury must be reported quickly, so do not hesitate to file a claim.


The impact a denied Social Security Disability claim can have on an individual and their family, especially when these benefits are the applicant’s main source of income, can be devastating. Unfortunately, applicants who have been rejected may choose to abandon their claims instead of proceeding with an appeal — a process that is undoubtedly intimidating to claimants even in a more typical personal injury case — where they could potentially recover the benefits they are rightfully owed. DOUD SMITH WAGNER's social security disability experts have extensive experience representing individuals to recover the benefits our clients deserve.

If you’ve been denied social security disability benefits, here’s something you need to know. The law firm you choose makes a BIG difference. In fact, DOUD SMITH WAGNER wins more than the national average in recovering social security disability for clients that were denied. That means that when you hire our lawyer, you have a better chance of recovering than with the average lawyer. And that’s a really BIG deal and an absolute fact. We’ll investigate your claim at no charge, and we get paid only WHEN you win.

DOUD SMITH WAGNER can make the complicated simple. We file Social Security Disability claims for our clients almost daily. If you hire a DOUD SMITH WAGNER Social Security Disability attorney, he or she will guide you through the process. 


Through Michigan’s workers’ compensation program, you may be able to recover the following benefits with DOUD SMITH WAGNER’s help:

Medical Expenses: This covers all medical care that is necessary to treat your injuries stemming from a workplace accident, including compensation for doctor’s visits, hospital expenses, physical therapy, and prescription drugs.


Temporary & Permanent Disability Benefits: If your doctors expect you will be able to return to work, you may be able to receive temporary disability benefits while you are recovering from your injuries for up to 104 weeks. On the other hand, if your injuries are so severe that you are unable to return to work, you could be entitled to permanent total disability benefits.


Death Benefits: If a loved one dies within one year of a workplace accident or within five years of being permanently disabled because of workplace injuries, you and other family members may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation death benefits.


DOUD SMITH WAGNER, with PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS FOR WORKERS' COMP AND SOCIAL SECURITY in FLINT, SAGINAW, LANSING, and all over Michigan, will never settle a case for less than full value. Why? Because the insurance companies know that if they DON’T, we’ll see them in court.

When you get hurt, DOUD SMITH WAGNER jumps in and fights for you and your family. Not your employer, not the insurance company, you! We pride ourselves on working for the people, not the powerful. Our focus is on battling bullies and big insurance companies so you can concentrate on getting better. We fight for the little guy, not the bullies. We work exclusively with those who are injured and we never represent insurance companies, big businesses, or hospitals. Our only focus is Michigan's workers and families. The insurance bullies understand just how serious your claim is when DOUD SMITH WAGNER become your lawyer because they know our motto, #DSWWINS, and that means they'll be writing you a check.  

  • Remember, you pay us nothing until we get you the compensation you're entitled to. That's why we say, DSW WINS! DOUD SMITH WAGNER specializes in hurt at work injuries involving workers' comp, social security disability, and personal injury.

For decades, DOUD SMITH WAGNER has and continues to fight exclusively for Michigan's workers. With tens of thousands of satisfied clients fairly compensated for workplace injuries, DSW WINS is ready to do the same for you.

The insurance company and your employer have only one goal in mind when you're injured and file a claim, pay you as little money as possible. DOUD SMITH WAGNER's duty, on the other hand, is to get you as much money as you are legally entitled to recover. Some lawyers need the money more than you do and are willing to settle for pennies on the dollar. DOUD SMITH WAGNER personally fund your case and we charge you nothing until we win, and then we only charge a percentage of the recovery. It's a win for both of us and gives DOUD SMITH WAGNER a huge incentive to do what we do best, WIN!

  • You should never settle for less than you deserve. The price for pain is infinite, and that's why DOUD SMITH WAGNER, with PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS FOR WORKERS' COMP AND SOCIAL SECURITY in FLINT, SAGINAW, LANSING, and all over Michigan, will fight for full and fair compensation for you. At DOUD SMITH WAGNER, we actually try cases instead of settling for the insurance companies first, second, or whatever offer. Some law firms never go to court, and many haven’t had a verdict in years. They’ll take whatever the offer is—even if the case is worth 100 times that. Not DOUD SMITH WAGNER.  Our attorneys aren’t afraid to go to trial for your rights and compensation.​


Workers’ compensation eligibility depends on several factors, including, if the employee works for the federal government, and even the industry (for example, the railroad industry has its own system spelled out by a special federal law). All in all, most employees are covered by a workers’ compensation plan of some sort.


For example, with some exceptions, employers who have four or more employees, and construction companies with even just one employee must provide coverage; must provide insurance, with some liable for subcontractors’ employees. Essentially every employer must offer insurance. 


The majority of unintentional injuries, diseases, illnesses, accidents, and deaths occurring in the workplace are covered by workers’ compensation laws. Importantly, because workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, workers are not required to prove fault for their injuries to recover benefits.


A worker must report a workplace injury to his or her employer within 30 days of the accident. The employee has a certain amount of time after the initial injury report to file a workers’ compensation claim


When first reporting the accident, the injured worker should provide specific details, such as:

  • Names of witnesses;

  • Location of the accident;

  • Cause of accident; and

  • Time and date of the accident and injury.


Although an injured worker isn’t required to have an attorney at the hearing, it is often advisable. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer will know what to expect and how to better address situations that may arise during proceedings.

At the hearing, an injured employee or their attorney can present evidence showing why they are entitled to benefits. This evidence often includes the details of the workplace accident—where, when, and how an accident happened— and a detailed account of the employee’s subsequent medical treatment.

An attorney may utilize medical records to clarify the extent of their client’s injuries to the judge, as well as a physician’s opinion on the employee’s ability to work and how the claimant’s work injury was directly related to his or her job. In some instances, medical experts may be called upon to attest to an employee’s ability to return to work and perform their job responsibilities going forward.


The hearing also serves as an opportunity for insurance companies and employers to rebut evidence and attempt to prove a worker is not entitled to benefits.


How long a workers’ compensation appeal takes depends on several factors. Generally, though, after evidence is presented and testimony is heard, a judge will typically make a decision within 30 days.


Alternative solutions may be available through mediation to settle workers’ compensation disputes. A mediator may be allowed to assist in obtaining a more creative and mutually acceptable resolution involving modified job assignments or monetary arrangements.

Nearly 60 percent of all first-time applicants are initially denied social security disability benefits, and close to 90 percent of applicants seek the help of a lawyer at some point in the process. The process of applying and appealing denied claims is often complicated, and the chances of success are far greater with the help of an experienced social security disability lawyer.


Retaining an attorney can increase your chances of approval and help avoid denials based on technicalities or other common errors. Our experienced lawyers can help gather information vital to your claim’s success and ensure you complete the steps necessary for obtaining benefits.


If you hire a social security disability lawyer to help with your claim, he or she will guide you through the following process:


Preparation: Preparing your claim, which will include gathering documents and other required information is an essential part of the claims process. An attorney can help gather the documentation needed to substantiate your claim, such as personal information (including information on your children or spouse); military information, if applicable; IRS forms; bank account information; addresses and phone numbers; detailed medical records and referrals; medication history; a list of prior employment history; and information on other disability claims, if applicable.


You will be required to submit extensive documentation to the SSA, and determining which information is required for your claim can be a difficult process. An attorney can help ensure your claim satisfies the SSA’s requirements, which can help expedite the application process. He or she can also assist in gathering documents that you are unable to access on your own.


Communication: An attorney can keep track of the status of your claim, alert you to any requests for new information, and speak with Social Security Administration (SSA) representatives on your behalf to answer questions that may arise regarding your application. 


Finalizing a Claim: If your disability claim is approved, your attorney will review the SSA’s calculations to determine if any vital information was missed or if any errors were made. He or she will also address any questions you may have concerning your new benefits.


Appeal: If your application for benefits was not approved, you may be able to file an appeal with an attorney.


You could be wondering how much your personal injury case is worth. The value of your case depends on a few key factors: the circumstances of your accident, the severity of your injuries, and limits on insurance coverage, among other things. The primary driver behind case value is how much the plaintiff could get in the damages, including:

  • Past medical bills;

  • Future medical bills;

  • Lost wages;

  • Loss of earning capacity;

  • Loss of consortium; and

  • Pain and suffering

Some of those considerations might not have a clearly articulated value at first. However, based on our attorneys’ past experience, they could offer an estimated case value after assessing your medical records, police records, statements, and other evidence, such as the progression or regression of your physical and mental state after an accident. The whole picture can provide a window into what to expect from a personal injury lawsuit.

Your lawyer and the lawyer’s legal team are at the front lines of your fight to get the compensation you deserve in a personal injury suit.


First, they will assess your case to best determine how to fight for you. They will:

  • Gauge the depth and breadth of your injuries and the negligent circumstances involved;

  • Investigate the scene of the accident;

  • Question witnesses;

  • Request documentation;

  • Work with medical experts;

  • Review documents, photos, and videos; and

  • Work with experts who can reconstruct the scene of the accident


That’s not all, though. They will use all of that information to go head-to-head with the defendant’s attorneys to get you the best compensation possible. Oftentimes this happens in a settlement meeting, but if the big corporation or insurance company won’t budge, our attorneys are trained, experienced, and ready to go to court. (Whether in a settlement or at court, we’ve been able to win compensation many times over the defense’s initial low-ball offers.)

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"This is UAW Chaplain Wesolek with Local 668 at General Motors SMCO. I don't know many lawyers (thank God I haven't needed many) but I do know Doud, Smith & Wagner! They have been a long-time friend to our local, our membership, and our community. I know if I ever do need them, they'll be there for me - and they'll get it done! #DSWWINS"

Chaplain Wesolek, Michigan


"Two 5-star reviews for the price of one for DOUD, SMITH & WAGNER's attorneys from Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Struthers: 

"My wife and are clients of this firm. We are pleased with the professionalism of the attorneys and staff.."

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Struthers, Michigan


"These guys are great. Between the group, there is an incredible amount of knowledge and ability to get results. I recommend their service with very high regard. Keep helping people and fighting the good fight gentlemen!."

Thomas Webber, Michigan


To schedule an office, ON-DEMAND, or virtual visit with a DOUD SMITH WAGNER, with PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS FOR WORKERS' COMP AND SOCIAL SECURITY in FLINT, SAGINAW, LANSING, and all over Michigan, simply fill out the form below. Please give us as many details as you can regarding your case so we can prepare for your free appointment. If you hire us and we don't win, you pay us nothing. That's how sure we are that we can help you win.

Not only are all your appointments free, but we also don't send you a bill until AFTER  DOUD SMITH WAGNER has recovered every single penny you are legally entitled to recover. Then, and only then, do we charge you a simple percentage of your settlement. DOUD SMITH WAGNER, with PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS FOR WORKERS' COMP AND SOCIAL SECURITY in FLINT, SAGINAW, LANSING, and all over Michigan, only charge a CONTINGENT FEE. What are contingent fees? A client pays a contingent fee to a lawyer only if the lawyer handles a case successfully. Lawyers and clients use this arrangement only in cases where the money is being claimed—most often in cases involving personal injury or workers' compensation.

Click the link below to write DOUD SMITH WAGNER, with PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS FOR WORKERS' COMP AND SOCIAL SECURITY in FLINT, SAGINAW, LANSING, and all over Michigan. Please include your name, phone number, email address, and case details. One of our expert lawyers will get back to you and provide you with more details on the next steps.  We WIN or it's free! 

Some people would rather email, chat, or text instead of calling. DOUD, SMITH & WAGNER understands and that's why we offer clients and potential clients alike, the ability to not only call, but email, chat, text, facetime, skype, or however you prefer to communicate, just let us know your preferred method.   

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Call DOUD SMITH WAGNER at (888) DSW-WINS. That's (888) 379-9467. If our operators are busy, leave a message and one of our expert attorneys will call you back ASAP. Please leave your name, phone number, and case details.  Remember, you pay us nothing until WE win your case.

Now doing on ON-DEMAND appointments anywhere in the state of Michigan, in person or virtually at your convenience. Click here to call now and set up your FREE appointment and pay us nothing until you win.

We look forward to speaking with you, discussing your case, and recovering the money you're entitled to. Before signing your rights away, call DSW WINS today. #DSWWINS. DOUD SMITH WAGNER is Michigan's #1 Personal Injury Lawyers for Workers' Compensation, and Social Security Disability.  

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